Marine Electronics Box

A marine electronics box mounted directly under a top, whether a hard fiberglass T-top, or soft canvas, or the overhead in a cabin can be a convenient and useful storage space for your marine navigation and communication devices. Many new boats are sold with an electronics box as standard equipment

How to Install a Transducer

By following the how to install a transducer instructions provided here you should be able to turn what many consider a difficult task into an easy straightforward transom mount transducer installation. The two big issues that pop as problematic on most transducer installation jobs is properly locating the transducer so

Flush Mount Marine Gear

Here’s how to flush mount marine electronics with the new panel mounted on the outside of the console or dashboard. Flush mounting electronics not only looks good, it increase the value of your boat, and keeps everything on the same plane for easy viewing and switch handling. You’ll Need Five

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