Raymarine has been a leader in the design, production, marketing and sale of marine electronics for recreational boaters for many years. Their lineup includes everything from VHF radios to powerful radar systems. Their current list of gear is long and expansive in both products and features. The recent purchase of

Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO Review

Overall Rating

Dragonfly 5PRO is Raymarine’s latest offering and it comes with all sorts of bells and whistles such as CHIRP sonar. CHIRP is a wide spectrum sonar technology. It basically means more signals are sent into the water, resulting in better detail coming back to the unit. The end result is better clarity to help you distinguish what you are seeing.

Raymarine a68 Review

Overall Rating

The a68 fishfinder by Raymarine features CHIRP DownVision built right in with a full featured multifunction display. The CHIRP DownVision channel on the a68 model fishfinder delivers some amazing images of wrecks, fish, and underwater structure with photographic quality. There is also a CHIRP fish targeting channel on the a68 model fishfinder for easy identification of predators and baitfish.

Raymarine VHFs

Raymarine VHF radios are an integral part of the long line of marine electronics products produced by UK-based Raymarine. The list includes chartplotters, marine radar, marine AIS, fishfinders, and more. The basic entry level marine VHF radio is priced above a number of other manufacturer’s entry level units. However, this

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