Icom M92 Review

The Icom M92 is a floating marine handheld VHF radio and GPS navigator combo. Its full designator is the IC-M92D. This VHF/GPS combo features a built-in high-sensitivity 48-channel GPS receiver that includes navigation capabilities with a man overboard function. Other standard features include a high capacity lithium battery pack, large

Icom M72 Review

Ergonomically, the Icom M72 is tops. It’s lightweight, fits into one hand well, and is comfortable to hold and use. A very powerful battery provides the muscle for a 6-watt transmitter, the highest output power rating of any handheld VHF we’ve tested. This radio is operated with a rotary on/off/volume

Icom M604 Review

The Icom M604 is the most expensive and sophisticated marine VHF radio produced by well-known radio maker Icom. This top-of-the-line marine VHF features an alphanumeric keypad, a large dot matrix display screen, and very good overall performance ratings. The M604 can connect to as many as two optional remote microphones,

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