Boat Electronics

Boat electronics have become part of the basic equipment on a vessel. Today, a boat without a marine radio and GPS seems as rudimentary as a household without a computer. Every mariner should also consider a VHF radio to be as vital as any single piece of marine electronics, even

Using a Fishfinder

At first glance, using a fishfinder may seem complicated, but once you understand the technology behind the machine and some basic functions, you will quickly become a pro at finding fish. However, before we delve into the world of sonar, transducers and LCD screen resolution, let’s talk about fish finding

Marine Radar

Marine radar has helped me immensely in navigating to destination while providing both another layer of safety and a certain level of peace of mind on several tough trips this past year. Even though I operate in sunny South Florida, weather and darkness can and do occasionally join forces to

Marine AIS

Marine AIS, an acronym for Marine Automatic Information System, is ship collision avoidance technology, which has been required on large commercial ships since 2002, that has finally trickled down to recreational boaters. Automatic Information System (AIS) is similar in function to the mandatory collision avoidance system carried on airliners. Simply

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